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Buying Cars Through the Dealership Internet Department

Indy residents should brace themselves for more cold, as a wind chill advisory was issued on February 11th. The wind chill advisory applies for most of central Indiana until 9am of February 12th, as temperatures will range from -3 to -13 on Tuesday morning. The advisory will surely be bad news for people planning to get out of the house to purchase cars. Fortunately, car buyers can still shop despite frigid conditions. All they have to do is access the dealership through its Internet department.

Introducing the Dealership Internet Department

If you plan to buy a car at a dealership but is held back by the extreme cold, go online or call instead. Each dealership has an Internet department that was created to handle queries and transactions from customers.

According to Philip Reed of, Internet departments emerged as a result of car shoppers becoming more informed when it comes to car pricing. When consumers became more knowledgeable about vehicle invoice prices, dealers had to develop a team that would specifically assist informed consumers who may or may not make a purchase immediately.

The people who make up the dealership internet departments are unlike the car salesmen on the showroom, and this is a good thing. Internet salespeople are straightforward with customers; they don’t have tricks up their sleeves for shoppers. If a shopper asks for a quote, the Internet salesman gives it. They don’t hide details, too—they will provide the cost breakdown if necessary.

Understanding Departmental Differences

Believe it or not, forgoing the traditional route of car buying can help save time and avoid stress.

When you deal with the traditional sales department, expect to spend a considerable amount of time in the dealership. The salesman will start negotiations almost immediately and the both of you will go back and forth on price. The salesman may bring out the four-square worksheet, and have you meet with his superiors. Basically, he will do what he has to to convince you to buy the vehicle today. At the end of it all, you may be pressured into buying a vehicle for a higher price and end up with things you don’t need (i.e., extended warranty).

When you deal with the Internet sales department, all you need is a few minutes. Send an email or call for a quote, and get an immediate response. If you need more details, they will send or fax them to you. If you are happy with the price and the vehicle you are looking for is available, you can have it delivered by the salesperson to your house or office. You can sign the papers there.

Getting a Lower Price

Did you know that if you negotiate for an auto purchase through the dealer’s Internet department, you can buy the vehicle you want for less? The price that the Internet salesman will give you will be much less than the showroom offer.

Why? While the goal of the traditional sales department is to get the most money from each customer, the goal of the Internet sales department is to sell as many vehicles as possible. Because they intend to sell more cars (rather than earn more from each sale), they make things easier for buyers. No tricks, no extras, no pressure.

Photo credit: Quinn Dombrowski/ Flickr/ CC BY-SA 2.0

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