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Dealerships are also a source of auto financing. Although getting an auto loan through a dealership can be more convenient than with other providers, abusive ones can rip you off. Here are some of the common ploys used by unscrupulous dealers to get more money from your business. Be…
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Posted on November 17, 2018
Good news to all car owners in Indianapolis: you live in the 5th cheapest state to own a car according to In the Hoosier State, almost all car costs are lower—insurance premiums, operating expenses, taxes and fees, as well as repair costs. Here’s better news: if you are…
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Indy residents should brace themselves for more cold, as a wind chill advisory was issued on February 11th. The wind chill advisory applies for most of central Indiana until 9am of February 12th, as temperatures will range from -3 to -13 on Tuesday morning. The advisory will surely be…
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When buying a new (or new to you) car, you need to make a number of choices. One of the choices you need to make is what you are going to do with your current vehicle. You have two main options: trading and selling. Find out which of the…
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Refinancing your auto loan can give you savings, but you will have more savings if you do it the right way. Make auto refinance most advantageous for you by following the five tips below: 1. Review the details of your existing auto loan Before you consider refinancing, take a…
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